District Policies

Copies of each of the existing Board policies can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate policy number below. The files have been saved in .pdf format. Hard copies of the policies or electronic copies may be obtained through the District Office.

1000 SERIES- Board of Trustees

1000 Series-Contents

Continuity of the Board

1000 Legal Status and Operation

School Board Elections

1100  Membership
1110  Elections
1110P Candidate Edification
1120  Taking Office
1120P  Oath of Office
1140  Vacancies

Organization and Government of the Board

1200  Annual Organization Meeting
1205  School Board Powers and Duties
1210  Qualifications, Terms and Duties of Board Officers
1220  Clerk
1230  Duties of the Treasurer
1240  Duties of Individual Trustees
1250  Committees
1260 Authorization of Signatures and Electronic Signatures


1300  District Policy
1303 Policies and Procedures to Review Annually
1313  Conflicting Policies and Procedures
1315 Strategic Planning
1320  Management Rights

Principles of Operations

1400  Board/Staff Communications
1405  School Board Use of Electronic Mail
1410   Board-Superintendent Relationship
1420 Trustee Expenses
1430  Trustee Insurance

Board Meetings and Board Meeting Procedures

1500  Board Meetings
1500P  School Board Meeting Procedure
1525  Board Meeting News Coverage

Board Ethics, Growth and Development

1600  Code of Ethics for School Board Members
1610  Conflict of Interest
1615 Trustee Spouse Employment
1620  Comprehensive Philosophy of Education 
1645  Board Development Opportunities
1650 New Board Member Workshop

Charter School Authorization

1700  Charter School Philosophy
1700F1  Application for Employee Transfer from a Public Charter School
1700F2  Application for Student Transfer from a Public Charter School

2000 SERIES- Instruction

2000 Series-Contents
2000  Goals


2100  Curriculum Development and Assessment
2105  Required Instruction
2110  Lesson Plans
2125 K-3 Reading Intervention
2140  Student and Family Privacy Rights
2140F  Student and Family Privacy Rights - Consent Form
2150  Copyright
2150P  Copyright Compliance
2160  Computer Science
2200 School Year, Calendar, and Instructional Hours

School Closure

2210  School Closure
2210P School Closure Procedure
2210P2 Health Emergency Related School Closure
2220 Prekindergarten Programs and Kindergarten Jump Start Program

Programs and Services

2300  Guidance and Counseling
2302  Student Learning Plans
2305  Nutrition Services
2310  Nutrition Education
2315  Physical Activity Opportunities and Physical Education
2325  Driver Training Education
2335  Digital Citizenship and Safety Education
2340  Controversial Issues and Academic Freedom
2340F  Parental Opt-Out Form for Sex Education
2345  Speakers in the Classroom and at School Functions
2355  Release Time
2360  Interscholastic Activities
2365 Participation of Private School Students in Federally Funded District Programs
2370  Homebound, Hospital, and Home Instruction
2375 Service Animals in Schools
2380 Head Start Program Coordination
2385   Limited English Proficiency Program
2390  Migrant Education Program
2395  Idaho Digital Learning Academy Classes

Special or Alternative Instruction

2400 Special Education
2410  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
2410P  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Compliance
2415 Supporting Students with Characteristics of Dyslexia
2420  Title I
2420P  Title I Parent Involvement Guidelines
2425  Parental Rights
2430  Gifted and Talented Program
2435 Advanced Opportunities
2435F Advanced Opportunities Participation Form
2440  Online Courses and Alternative Credit Options
2450  Contracted Student Services
2450F1  Contracted Student Services Parent Form
2450F2  Contracted Student Services Medical Release
2460 Extended Learning Opportunities
2470 Self-Directed Learners
2470F Application for Self-Directed Learner Status
2470P Self-Directed Learner Procedure

Instructional Materials

2500  Library Materials
2510  Selection of Library Materials
2520  Curricular Materials
2530  Learning Materials Review
2540  Selection, Adoption and Removal of Curricular Materials 
2550 Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education
2550F1  Parental Approval Form
2550F2  Release for Emergency Medical Treatment
2570  Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings
2570F  Parental Opt-Out/Consent Form Regarding Movies
2580  Standardized Tests

Grading and Promotion

2600  Promotion/Retention
2605  Advancement Requirements (6-9)
2620  Grading and Progress Reports
2625  Parent-Teacher Conferences
2630  Homework
2640 Mastery-Based Education


2700  High School Graduation Requirements
2700P  High School Graduation Requirement
2710  High School Graduation Requirements
2720  Participation in Commencement Exercises
2800  Accreditation Objectives

3000 SERIES- Students

3000 Series-Contents

Enrollment and Attendance

3000  Entrance, Placement and Transfer
3010  Open Enrollment
3010F Open Enrollment Application Form
3010P  Open Enrollment Procedures
3010PA1  Open Enrollment Procedures Students
3020  Enrollment and Attendance Records
3030  Part-Time Attendance / Dual Enrollment
3031 Extracurricular Activities – Eligibility for Students Not Enrolled for Academic Activities
3040  Compulsory Attendance
3050  Attendance Policy
3050F1  Compulsory Attendance Prosecutor Letter Form
3050F2  Compulsory Attendance Prosecutor Referral Form
3060  Education of Homeless Children
3070  Homebound, Hospital, and Home Instruction
3080  Foreign Exchange Students
3082  Philosophy
3085  Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Policy
3085F  Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form for Students
3085P  Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

Student Rights and Responsibilities

3200  Student Rights and Responsibilities
3210  Uniform Grievance Procedure
3225  Student Clubs
3225F  Student Club Risk Management Plan
3240  Student Publications
3255 Student Dress
3260  Bring Your Own Technology Program
3260F Bring Your Own Technology Permission Form
3265 Student-Owned Electronic Communications Devices
3270  District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks
3270P  Acceptable Use of Electronic Networks
3280  Equal Education, Nondiscrimination and Sex Equity
3285 Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
3290  Sexual Harassment/Intimidation of Students
3290F  Sexual Harassment/Intimidation of Students Form
3295  Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Menacing
3295P  Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Menacing Policy
3295F  Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Menacing Form
3300  Drug Free School Zone
3305  Prohibition of Tobacco Possession and Use
3320  Substance and Alcohol Abuse
3330  Student Discipline
3332  Student Conduct and Suspension
3335  Academic Honesty
3340  Corrective Actions and Punishment
3340P  Corrective Actions and Punishment Policy
3365  Student Sex Offenders
3370 Searches and Seizure
3370P Searches and Seizure
3380  Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Participation Policy
3390  Extra- and Co-Curricular Chemical Use Policy
3400  Extracurricular Activities Drug-Testing Program
3400F1  Extracurricular Consent Form
3440  Student Fees, Fines and Charges/Return of Property

Student Protection

3500  Student Health/Physical Screenings/Examinations
3505  Concussion Protocol
3505F1  Acknowledgement of Receipt of Concussion Guidelines
3505F2  Authorization to Return to Play or Participate
3510  Administering Medicines to Students
3510F1  Authorization for Self-Administered Asthma/Emergency Medication
3510F2  Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement for Self-Administration of Medication
3515  Food Allergy Management
3515P  Food Allergy Management Policy
3520  Contagious or Infectious Diseases
3525  Immunization Requirements
3530  Suicide
3540  Emergency Treatment
3545  Student Interviews, Interrogations or Arrests
3545F1  Student Arrest Form
3545F2  Student Interview Form
3565  Termination of Driving Privileges
3570  Student Records
3570F Student Records (Notification to Parents and Students of Rights Concerning a Student’s School Records)
3570P  Student Records (Maintenance of School Student Records)
3575  Student Data Privacy and Security
3580 Relations with Non-custodial Parents

4000 SERIES- Community Relations

4000 Series- Contents
4000  Goals

Public Participation

4100  Public Relations
4105 Public Participation in Board Meeting
4105F Request to Address the Board
4110 Public Complaints
4120  Uniform Grievance Procedure
4120F  Uniform Grievance Form
4130  Public Access to District Website
4135 Community Relations
4140  Visitors to the Schools
4150  Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities
4160  District-wide Parental Involvement Policy
4170 District or School Operated Social Media
4175  Required Annual Notices

Public Access

4200  School-Support Organizations
4210  Community Use of School Facilities
4210F Facility Use Form
4210F2  Community Use of School Facilities
4210F3  Facilities Use Agreement
4210P  Community Use of School Facilities Policy
4220  Athletic Equipment Usage
4225  Equipment Usage
4260 Records Available to the Public
4260F District Record Request Form

Public Conduct

4300  Conduct on School Property
4310  Contact with Students
4320  Disruption of School Operations
4330  Spectator Conduct and Sportsmanship for Athletic and Co-Curricular Events

Relations with Governmental Agencies

4400  Relations with the Law Enforcement and Child Protective Agencies
4410  Investigations and Arrests by Police
4420  Sex Offenders
4420F1  Letter to Parents
4420F2  Letter to Employers


4500  Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools
4500P  Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools Policy
4510  Public Gifts to the Schools
4520 Soliciting and Accepting Grants or Donations
4530  Crowdfunding
4530F Crowdfunding Request Form


4600  Volunteer Assistance
4600P  Volunteer Procedures
4600F1  Volunteer Application
4600F2  Volunteer Background Check
4600F3  Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
4605  Student Teachers

5000 SERIES- Personnel

5000 Series- Contents


5000  Board Goals
5010  Staff Comparability in Schools


5100  Hiring Process and Criteria
5100F1  Authorization for Release of Information
5100F2  Request to Employer
5100F3  Request for Verification of Certificate Status
5100P  Procedures for Obtaining Personnel Records for Applicants
5105  Certificated Personnel Re-employment
5107  Informal Review
5110  Criminal History / Background Checks
5120  Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
5125  Reporting New Employees
5130  Administrative Leave

Employee Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct

5200  Applicability of Personnel Policies
5205  Job Descriptions
5210  Work Day
5220  Assignments, Reassignments, Transfers
5230  Accommodating Individuals With Disabilities
5235  Health Examination
5240  Sexual Harassment/Sexual Intimidation in the Workplace
5240F  Sexual Harassment/Intimidation in the Workplace Policy Acknowledgement
5250  Certificated Staff Grievances
5260  Abused and Neglected Child Reporting
5260F  Report of Suspected Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect
5265  Employee Responsibilities Regarding Student Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
5270  Personal Conduct
5275  Adult Sexual Misconduct
5280  Professional Standards Commission (PSC) Code of Ethics
5285  Solicitations
5290  Political Activity - Staff Participation
5295  Personnel
5310  Tobacco Free Policy
5320  Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace
5320F1  Drug and Alcohol Abuse Testing Acknowledgement
5320F2 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Testing Agreement
5320P  Drug and Alcohol Abuse Testing Program and Procedures
5325  Employee Use of Social Media Sites, Including Personal Sites
5325P  Recommended Practices for Use of Social Media Sites, Including Personal Sites
5330  Employee Electronic Mail and On-Line Services Usage
5330F  Employee Electronic Mail and On-Line Services Use Policy Acknowledgement
5335  Employee Use of Electronic Communications Devices
5335F  Mobile Computing Device Agreement
5340  Evaluation of Certificated Personnel
5340F  Parent or Guardian Input Form—Classroom Teacher Evaluation
5350  Certified Personnel Resignation (Release from Contract)
5360  Dress and Appearance
5370  Non-school Employment by Professional Staff Members
5380  Professional Research and Publishing
5390  Employment Referrals and Prevention of Sexual Abuse
5395  Whistleblowing

Compensation and Benefits

5400 Leaves of Absence
5400-R  Professional School Business Leave Administrative-Rule
5405  Proof of Illness for Sick Leave
5410  Family and Medical Leave
5410P  Family and Medical Leave Procedure
5415  Jury Duty and Court Witness Appearance Leave
5420  Long-Term Illness/Temporary Disability
5420P  Long-Term Illness/Temporary Disability
5430  Insurance Benefits for Employees/ Trustees
5440  School Holidays
5450  Vacation Leave
5460  Worker's Compensation Benefits
5470 Leaves of Absence - Military Leave
5485  Salary Schedule Placement for Certified Personnel

Certified Personnel Records

5500  Personnel Files
5500P  Procedures for Releasing Personnel Records to Hiring School Districts

Employee Health and Welfare

5600  Staff Health
5610  Prevention of Disease Transmission
5620  Staff Protection

Employment Practices

5700  Substitutes
5710  Teachers’ Aides/Para educators
5720  Volunteers / Contractors
5725  Private Service Providers / Consultants
5730  Volunteer—Authorization to Release Information
5740  Reduction in Force
5740P  Reduction in Force Procedures
5750  Employing Retired Teachers and Administrators
5755  Contract Agreements for Extracurricular Personnel
5760 Student/Personnel Ratios

Classified Employees

5800  Recognition of Support Staff
5805  Classified Employment, Assignment and Grievance
5805P  Classified Employee Grievance Procedure
5810  Compensatory Time and Overtime/Classified Employees
5815A Employee Compensation Non-Annualized Election
5820  Evaluation of Non-Certified Staff
5825 Evaluation of School Bus Drivers
5830  Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers
5830F1  Department of Transportation Drug Testing Program
5830F2  Controlled Substance Testing Consent Form for Current Employees
5830P  Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers
5840  Personnel Files of Classified Personnel

6000 SERIES- Personnel

6000 Series-Contents
6000 Goals

6100 Superintendent
6105 Appointment of Acting Superintendent
6200 District Organization
6300 Duties and Qualification of Administrative Staff Other Than Superintendent
6305 Administrative Committees
6310 Employment Restrictions for Administrative Personnel
6320 Evaluation of Administrative Staff
6330 Professional Growth and Development
6400 Principals

7000 SERIES- Financial Management

7000 Series-Contents
7000  Goals

7010  Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials


7100 Budget and Program Planning
7110 Budget Implementation and Execution
7120 Budget Adjustment

Accounting System

7200 Accounting System Design
7210 Accounting System (GASB Statement 34)
7215 Fund Accounting System (GASB Statement 54)
7218 Federal Grant Financial Management System
7220 Documentation and Approval of Claims
7225 Financial Fraud and Theft Prevention
7230 Financial Reporting and Audits
7235 Financial Accountability and IDEA Part B Funds
7235F1  Federal Funds Semi-Annual Certification Form
7235F2  Personnel Activity Report
7235P  Written Compensation Procedure
7236  Financial Management
7237 Retention of Records Relating to Federal Grants
7240 Programs for Indian Children
7260 Student Activity Fund
7270 Property Records
7300 Revenues


7305 Investment of Funds
7310 Advertising in Schools/Revenue Enhancement
7320 Allowable Uses for Grant Funds
7320P1  Determining Necessity & Reasonableness of Expenses
7320P2 Selected Items of Cost


7400  Purchasing
7400F  Time and Effort Documentation
7400P1  Federal Award Requirements
7400P2  Procurement Methods Under a Federal Award
7400P3  Requirements and Restrictions for Procurement Under Federal Award
7400P4  General Procurement Standards for Federal Awards
7403 Procurement of Goods and Services for School Meal Programs
7405 Public Works Contracting and Procurement
7405P  Procuring Public Works, Services, and Personal Property
7407 Public Procurement of Goods and Service
7408  Entering into Professional Service
7409  Acquisition of  Real and Personal Property
7410 Petty Cash Funds
7420 Personal Reimbursement
7430 Travel Allowances and Expenses
7440 District Credit Cards
7440F District Credit Card Holder Agreement
7450 Federal Cash Management
7450P1  Timely Obligation of Funds
7450P2  Program Income
7455  Federal Debarment and Suspension
7459  Human Resources
7460 Use of Public Funds – Prohibition on Contracting with Abortion Providers


7500 New Fees or Increase of Fees

Financial Emergency

7600 Declaration of Financial Emergency
7600FA1 Declaration of Financial Emergency Resolution
7600FA2 Declaration of Financial Emergency
7600P Declaration of Financial Emergency Procedure


7700  Bond Account
7710 Post-Issuance Continuing Disclosure Procedures For Tax-Exempt Bonds

8000 SERIES- Non-Instructional Operations

8000 Series-Contents
8000 Goals 


8100 Transportation
8105 Extracurricular Transportation
8105F Extracurricular Transportation Liability Waiver
8110 Safety Busing
8115 Maximum Drive Time
8120 Bus Routes, Stops and Non-Transportation Zones
8125 Transportation of Students by Adjoining Districts
8130 Transportation of Students with Disabilities
8140 Student Conduct on Buses
8140P Student Bus Rules
8150 Unauthorized School Bus Entry
8160 Contracting for Transportation Services
8170 District-Owned Vehicles
8170P District-Owned Vehicles Procedure
8180 Driver Training and Responsibility
8185 Use of Wireless Communications Devices by Bus Drivers
8190  Emergencies Involving Transportation Vehicles
8195  District Vehicle Idling


8200  Local School Wellness
8210  District Nutrition Committee
8220  Food Services
8230  Nutrition Standards
8240  School Meals
8245 Unpaid School Meal Charges
8250  Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales


8300  Emergencies / Disaster Preparedness
8300P1  Disaster Preparedness
8300P2  Explosion or Fallen Aircraft Procedure
8300P3  Hazardous Material Spill
8300P4  Bomb Threat
8300P4F  Bomb Threat Report Form
8300P5  Violent or Criminal Behavior
8300P6  Earthquake
8300P7  Severe Weather Emergency: Tornado or Lightning
8300P8  Natural Gas Leak
8300P9  Broken Water Main
8310  Automated External Defibrillators
8310P  Automated External Defibrillator Program Implementation and Procedures
8310F1  Automated External Defibrillators – Certified Users Form
8310F2  Automated External Defibrillators – Inspection and Inventory Form
8310F3  Automated External Defibrillators – Incident Report Form
8320 Fire Drills and Evacuation Plans
8320P Emergency Drills Rules and Procedures

Activity Trips

8400 Activity Trips

Risk Management

8500 Risk Management
8510   District Safety
8520 Inspection of School Facilities / Emergency Evacuation Plan
8530 Property Damage

Records Management

8600 Records Management
8605 Retention of District Records
8610 HIPAA

Computer Software

8700 Computer Software

9000 SERIES- School Facilities

9000 Series-Contents
9000 Goals

9100 Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of School Property
9200 Contractor License, Surety Bonds, and Insurance
9300 Operation and Maintenance of District Facilities
9400 Safety Program
9500 Security
9600 Facilities Operations
9610 Waste Management and Recycling
9700 District-Wide Asbestos Program
9705 Hazard Mitigation – Chemistry Lab Disposal
9800 Naming of School Facilities
9805 Memorials on School Grounds