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Teacher Certification/Recertification

For information regarding renewing your teaching credential, click on the link below.

Idaho State Department of Education "Renewal of an Idaho Certificate"

Professional Development-Six (6) Semester Credits Requirement (from the State website)

  • Credits taken for recertification must be educationally related to the individualized professional learning plan (IPLP) or related to the professional practice of the applicant:

    • Credits must be specifically tied to content areas and/or an area of any other endorsement; or

    • Credits must be specific to pedagogical best practices or for administrative/teacher leadership; or

    • Credits must be tied to a specific area of need designated by district administration

    • Credits must be taken during the validity period of the certificate. The validity period is listed in parenthesis next to the certificate(s) listed on the credential

  • Idaho district/charter school/private school in-service hours may be applied toward up to three (3) credits:

    • Fifteen (15) contact hours are equivalent to one (1) semester credit hour

    • Idaho Approved In-service form must be completed by the proper official at an Idaho district/charter school/private school for the in-service to count toward certificate renewal

    • Idaho district/charter school/private school may approve Continuing Education Units (CEU) using the Idaho Approved In-service form

  • Unofficial or official transcripts

    • Please include transcripts with your packet in order to expedite your application

    • Unofficial transcripts may be used for renewal only

  • Three (3) quarter credit hours are equal to two (2) semester credit hours

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