District Forms

District Reimbursement Forms

Personal Reimbursements

District Policy 7420 provides guidance for individuals who ask to be reimbursed for a personal purchase to be used for the benefit of the District. To submit a reimbursement request, fill out a District Claim Form, attach the necessary documentation (invoice/receipt), and obtain a signature from the supervising administrator.

District Claim Form (.xls) (.pdf)

Travel Allowances and Expenses

District Policy 7430 provides guidance for travel in and out of district. To submit a request for reimbursement for mileage only, fill out the District Mileage Reimbursement Form. If the travel involves hotels, parking, registration, or other expenses, use the District Travel Expense Form. Forms should be completed with the appropriate documentation (invoices/receipts) attached and signature from the supervision administrator

District Mileage Reimbursement Form (.xls) (.pdf)

District Travel Expense Form (.xls) (.pdf)

Teacher Certification/Recertification

For information regarding renewing your teaching credential, click on the link below.

Idaho State Department of Education "Renewal of an Idaho Certificate"

Professional Development-Six (6) Semester Credits Requirement (from the State website)

  • Credits taken for recertification must be educationally related to the individualized professional learning plan (IPLP) or related to the professional practice of the applicant:

    • Credits must be specifically tied to content areas and/or an area of any other endorsement; or

    • Credits must be specific to pedagogical best practices or for administrative/teacher leadership; or

    • Credits must be tied to a specific area of need designated by district administration

    • Credits must be taken during the validity period of the certificate. The validity period is listed in parenthesis next to the certificate(s) listed on the credential

  • Idaho district/charter school/private school in-service hours may be applied toward up to three (3) credits:

    • Fifteen (15) contact hours are equivalent to one (1) semester credit hour

    • Idaho Approved In-service form must be completed by the proper official at an Idaho district/charter school/private school for the in-service to count toward certificate renewal

    • Idaho district/charter school/private school may approve Continuing Education Units (CEU) using the Idaho Approved In-service form

  • Unofficial or official transcripts

    • Please include transcripts with your packet in order to expedite your application

    • Unofficial transcripts may be used for renewal only

  • Three (3) quarter credit hours are equal to two (2) semester credit hours