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In order for us to gather good data from you, the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) has created a parent survey to gather data about our schools. Please take the time to take the survey about the school which your student attends. If you have multiple children attending different schools, please take the survey for each school your students attend. This survey will give us another point of data by which to make decisions.

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Thank you for helping us improve our schools as we are dedicated to continuous improvement. 



Learn – Build – Lead

We seek to learn. We pursue excellence through hard work and life-long learning. We recognize that different perspectives increase our understanding. We embrace what is already working and seek for ways to improve.

 We seek to build. We seek to build bridges of collaboration to promote understanding and hope. We build individuals and place students as the top priority in decision-making.

 We seek to lead. We lead forward to improve our own lives, enrich the lives of others, and improve the organizations of which we belong.


School District 215’s  mission is to educate and prepare all learners to excel and become contributors in their communities by providing opportunities, skills and tools to communicate, solve problems, build bridges and lead.


We empower individuals to become builders and leaders who work hard, seek excellence in their own lives, and serve in their families and communities.